Mistress Vancouver Dominatrix, Fetish, Discipline, Domination

I am a lifestyle Mistress. I live in the beautiful city of Vancouver, where I continue to explore my own female power. Having met the right people at the right moment inspired me to learn, practise, and cultivate my interests in sexuality before starting to perform as Domina Katarina.
I am interested in hidden layers of human life. Acts of bdsm in their core satisfy questions related to my upbringing, and my social and educational background.
My love for leather occurred very early in my teenage years, when I tried to look tough and impenetrable by wearing it. The intense physical sensation it gives, be it by aroma, touch or appearance made me feel special. As for my latex fetish, it was born when I first discovered the bdsm lifestyle and fashion. And from that moment I got absolutely absorbed by it.

Domination and authority is my most basic reaction to the outside world. It is an expression of my freedom, while being a legal permit to play with men's hearts through their weaknesses, and with their bodies through their minds.
This ancient game; spontaneous, impulsive and full of surprises, enables me to select and covet carefully chosen men for my own personal growth.
The most important quality in a good submissive is respect. I love the very obedient, devoted kind with manners of a gentleman, whose only goal must be silence when I talk, action when I command, tenderness when I recline, focus when I train, motionless acceptance when I punish, and pleasure when I cause pain.
I am interested in the power aspect of bdsm, and seduction through powerful, feminine conquest—to be exact; aggressivness transformed into erotic satisfaction.
What thrills me is the calmness that arrives right after the rush of adrenalin, typically caused by a joyous and victorious hunt.


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